When it comes to a vehicle safety checklist, brakes definitely make the top of the list.  Your brakes just happen to be the only  thing keeping you from driving into the car in from of you when your driving 65 miles-an hour on the freeway and it comes to a complete stop…… well maybe more like 80 miles-an hour.

Routine brake service and inspection is essential to safe driving and maintaing your vehicle. At Citywide Auto Care we always encourage our customers to come in for a complimentary brake inspection. Driving in Southern California, you just never know when your going to need to stop abruptly special on Orange County freeways.

We have managed to put together a list of signs to look for when your driving that can serve as an indicator to get your brakes inspected:

1. Noise: Listen for screeching, grinding or a clicking noise when you apply the brakes.

2. Pulling: IF your vehicle “pulls” or drifts to one side when applying the brakes

3. Low Brake Pedal: if you brake pedal touches, or nearly touches the floor when engaging the brakes.

4. Hard Pedal: If you have to apply considerable pressure to engage the brakes.

5. Grabbing: brakes “grab” at the slightest touch to the pedal

6. Vibration: Brake pedal vibrates  or pulses

7. Amber Light: you have a flashing or illuminating ABS light on your dashboard.

8. Stopping distance: excessive amount of distance required to stop after applying the brakes

If you experience any of these conditions while driving, we advise that you take your vehicle to a trusted Auto Care Center for inspection.

Brakes are a normal wear an tear item on any vehicle, that requires replacing often. Some of the factors that play into the frequency of which you will be replacing your brakes are driving habits, operating conditions, and quality of your brake pads. There are several component that make up the braking system which include your rotor, caliper, piston, brake pads, brake master cylinder, brake booster, and your brake fluid lines. Damage, or excessive wear to any one of these components can significantly impact your stopping distance.

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