Warning Signs That Your Car Battery is About to Die

Getting stranded anywhere with a dead car battery is annoying, and sometimes it can even potentially be dangerous. Luckily, batteries usually give you several different warning signs that your electrical system is failing before they entirely die. If you live in Orange or anywhere else in Orange County, keep a close watch for these six warning signs of a failing car battery so you can bring your vehicle in for a replacement battery and stay on schedule. 

Dim Headlights

Your headlights are a crucial safety feature necessary for you to see where you’re going at night. If you notice that your headlights are much dimmer than they used to be, this could be a sign that your battery is dying. Although most drivers may chalk it up to a dirty vehicle, it’s actually caused by your headlights not getting enough power to be as bright as they could be. Not only does this create dangerous conditions for driving at night, but it’s also a sign that your car’s electrical system could fail and leave you stranded somewhere. If you notice you have dim headlights, take your car into an auto repair shop for a battery charge test and replacement.

Clicking on Key Turn

This sign of a dead battery is often the cliche: you get in your car, turn the key in the ignition, and nothing happens. Instead of the sound of the engine starting, you hear a clicking sound that tells you your car battery is dead. Although your car should be able to receive a jump start with no issue, you still want to make sure that you bring your vehicle into an auto repair shop to get a replacement battery as soon as possible. Having to jump your car with increasing frequency is a major hassle for any car owner, but it’s an easily avoidable problem.


If your car is backfiring, this could be a sign of several issues including a dying car battery. If your carburetor and black box both seem to be fine, then be sure to get your car battery checked out before it dies. A dying battery causes intermittent sparks, which can lead to fuel accumulating in the cylinders. When this is ignited, it causes your car to backfire. Since backfiring can be a symptom of several different problems, always be sure to bring your vehicle into an auto repair shop for a battery test before investing in a brand new battery.

If you’ve noticed any of these warning signs in your vehicle, or if your car battery’s warning light is on, bring your vehicle into Citywide Auto Care in Orange. We’ll diagnose any issues and get you fitted with a brand new battery to ensure that you can stay on the road. The last thing you want is to end up stranded somewhere unsafe or end up late for something important. Be proactive by bringing your car into Citywide Auto, and we’ll perform a comprehensive battery test to assess exactly how much life is left in your battery. To schedule an appointment today, give us a call at (714) 633-4211.