5 Tips for Auto AC Use in Summer

No one wants to endure a Southern California summer without air conditioning, whether that’s in your home or in your car. You always want to remain as cool and comfortable as possible, so an AC system that’s running optimally is essential. If you want to avoid needing auto AC repair, follow these five tips for efficient car air conditioning use during the summer.

#1. Park in the shade

The quickest and simplest way to keep your car cool is to park in the shade whenever possible. Keeping your car cool will require less use of your AC then if you get into a blisteringly hot car, thereby extending its life. Wherever you are, try to find a covered place to park, whether that’s inside a parking structure or under the shade of a tree. If you need to park in direct sunlight, use window shades in order to keep the heat out as much as possible. This will make you feel like you need less air conditioning when you re-enter your car and will put less stress on your car’s AC system.

#2. Ventilate your car before using AC

If your car is uncomfortably hot when you get inside, let all of the hot air out of your vehicle before you begin using the AC. Open your back windows and turn on the fans in the front of your car in order to force all of the hot air out of your vehicle. Once the hot air has escaped, it will make it much easier for your car’s AC to cool the car down quickly. Avoiding unnecessary and inefficient use of your AC system will help extend its lifespan over time.

#3. Start the AC low before blasting it

Avoid the temptation to begin blasting your car air conditioning as soon as you get inside. Starting your AC on the lowest speed and temperature setting and slowly adjusting the fan will make the air conditioning more efficient and will dry out the air less than if you begin using the AC at full power right away.

#4. Always use the recirculation mode

In order to increase your AC’s efficiency and reduce the strain on both your AC and fuel efficiency, always have your air conditioning’s recirculation mode turned on. This will recirculate cold air that is already inside the car, rather than continuously pulling air from outside and cooling it down. Allowing your system to work less hard to keep you cool will extend its life and reduce the need for auto AC repair down the road.

#5. Perform regular maintenance checks

No matter how efficiently you use your car’s AC, at some point, the cabin air filter and refrigerant will need to be replaced. This should be performed by a certified auto AC repair professional such as Citywide Auto Care. Routine maintenance for your vehicle is extremely important, and this extends to its air conditioning system as well. When it’s time to bring your car in for its periodic maintenance, make sure that your AC is being taken care of too.

If your auto air conditioning system is overdue for preventative maintenance, or if you’re in need of auto AC repair, call Citywide Auto Care in Orange. Our experienced and certified technicians will take of you and your vehicle, providing top-tier work alongside exceptional customer service. If you’d like to make an appointment for auto AC repair or maintenance, give us a call today at (714) 633-4211.